summer bbq series

Chef Zac is known for his summer BBQ parties & with our summer BBQ series, we'll introduce you to smokey meats and lively vegetables, with inspiration from around the world. All while throwing a fantastic dinner party! 


June 4   6pm

Argentinian asado

molleja y higado | sweetbreads and liver

provoleta | grilled provolone 

chorizo | pork sausage link

entraña | skirt steak

papas fritas | fried potatoes

chimichurri | spicy green herb sauce

pan | bread to sop up juice, make sandwiches

ensalada | simple green salad

August 6   6pm

grilling from the levant • israeli bbq

Please check back to view full menu.


July 2   6pm

north carolina pig pickin'

smoked suckling pig

pulled oyster mushrooms for the vegetarians


potato salad

watermelon salad

hush puppies

September 10   6pm

mexican goat barbacoa

goat barbacoa

spiced and smoked goat

fresh tortillas

tomato salad with cotija and avocado dressing

jicama salad 


Per person $40 includes house party style dining and a complimentary house drink.

Please email or call 206 324-0599 for tickets. Seating is limited.

Menus subject to change.

See you there!