location + hours




location + hours




Tuesday - Sunday 3 to 10pm

HAPPY HOUR 3 to 6pm • full menu available at 5pm

Bar open late Friday + Saturday

806 east roy street • seattle, wa 98102 • 206 324-0599


eat + drink

eat + drink

menu by chef zac reynolds combining the seasonality of our region

with bold flavors from the world's pantry.



beer battered nori dumplings | kimchi | tahini sauce   6

banchan with shrimp chips | potato salad | wakame salad | shiitake pickles | daily stuff   12

chicken liver mousse | house made rye bread | sweet & sour cabbage   8


small plates

fresh farmers cheese with radishes | seeded cracker | garlic scape pesto   13

stone fruit salad | bacon charcuterie | blue cheese butter | nigella 12

coconut poached chicken salad | red coleslaw | fried shallots and peanuts   12

sautéed brassicas | twice cooked bacon | black garlic molasses   15

crab seasoning fried chicken | chinese celery | peanuts | pickled daikon   14

cherry tomato salad | anchovy aioli | smoked eggplant | dukkah | green olive   14

kohlrabi carpaccio | pickled smelt | sauerkraut | szechuan oil   14

mussel and snap pea salad | olive | saffron aioli | sesame crumble | toasted wakame   14

mackerel bbq with sushi rice | radish pickle | horseradish   15


larger plates

king oyster mushrooms | sautéed with fermented black bean | pea spaetzel | beurre blanc sauce | parmesan   18

braised brisket with hominy | in the style of bibimbap | pickles | fried egg | nori   22

wok fried rainbow trout | beluga lentil and bacon dal | sautéed radish | curry seasoning   22

vietnamese crepe | stuffed with greens and green split pea | oil poached turnip and carrot salad | fish sauce  20

zubuton steak | robuchon mashed potatoes | sautéed carrots | beef jus   32

pork sausage stuffed summer squash| heirloom tomato stew | queso fresco |

basil | sesame seeds | arepas   24


our people + mission

our people + mission

Zac Reynolds


Zac has been cooking most of his adult life, starting in some "crappy" restaurants, then attending a ("crappy") culinary school to get serious. Building on these foundations, Zac matured as a cook first at Nomi in Chicago, then cooking in private homes, and further in some of Seattle's restaurants' kitchens, with seasonal detours to chef and intern on Northwest farms. Experiences like taking care of a goat herd and working in a market garden allowed Zac to honestly evaluate what organic, local and seasonal mean. 

But it was the atmosphere of the boozy dinner parties in his home that Zac longed to recreate as he dreamt of his future-restaurant-to-be:

"Where cooks are servers, where guests are welcome in the kitchen, where anyone who wants to participate is invited, and where we all have a lot of fun."



From absorbing the finer points of hospitality in his family run restaurant at a young age, then starting his own career in Japan where service is an art form no less precise than ballet, and finally heightening his cocktailing senses behind the bars of some of Seattle's thriving hotspots, Nile brings refined principles of service to COOK | WEAVER: 

"There is an opportunity to learn from everyone, everyone desires acknowledgement and respect, and no one should be treated as less than your equal."

Nile and Zac met in true modern fashion: on Craigslist, where a chef with a little money and a lot of vision was seeking a front of house manager (with a little money and a lot vision). Nile's passion, warm smile and calming presence were exactly what Zac hoped to find, and the beginnings of COOK | WEAVER were born. 

Our mission is simple

Be special, yet approachable. Bold, while maintaining balance. Tantalize your taste buds. But most importantly, be the friendly place you call your own, and are delighted to bring those you love.